EdLab Seminar: The Education Industry in China

What are the latest startup and investment trends in the education industry in China? Come and learn from our guests at this EdLab Seminar.

26 April 2017
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM


525 W 120th Street
New York, NY 10027


Event Details

What are the latest startup and investment trends in education industry in China? What are the cross-border business opportunities for US and China in the segments of international education and edtech? What are the success stories of Chinese education entrepreneurs which reveal telling insights of the market dynamics?


Sophie Chen, Partner at JMDedu.

JMDedu is No. 1 B2B EdTech Media in China, that informs and connects business professionals through our reports, events, and information services. Our mission is to drive the advancement of education. Our network is across education industry in China as well as globally — entrepreneurs, investors, startups, educators, business-decision makers, and policy-decision makers.

Bill Ning, Partner at Blue Elephant Capital.

Blue Elephant Capital is the first EdTech-focused venture fund in China. It raises funds from successful Chinese education entrepreneurs and engages them as advisors to our portfolio companies. BE Capital launched in May 2015 the Lanxiang Camp (The Blue Elephants Camp), which provides seed funding, a 3-month accelerator program and access to networks and resources from top Chinese EdTech entrepreneurs. So far Blue Elephants Camp has invested in and accelerated 30+ startups, 50% of which have received the next round of funding. The BE Demo Day at the end of each cohort has become an industry event for over 150 active EdTech venture capitalists.